The Global Times


The Global Times is one of the largest English news paper in China.

The newspaper was founded in 2009, and the top circulation now reaches

260,000 copies a day. The new media platform has also been rapidly

expanding in recent years.

The Global Times has always been putting great emphasize on report

related to African countries.

The newspaper has a African section that focus on African report both

on the paper and online.

Other sections such as economic section and review section also have

clear schedules to release news articles related to the Sino-African

investments and cooperation. The Global Times have also interviewed

the diplomats from different African countries in Beijing to let them

tell the development of their countries.

The metro Beijing section focus on the African expats in Beijing, and

tell stories about their life in China, including the African expats

talk about discriminations in China and Africans in Yanjiao, all to

promote the fair perspective the locals have for African expats and

acknowledge their contributions in China.

  We hope the judge panel would grant us this award, that will

acknowledge our effort and encourage us to bring more worthy and

exciting news related to African to China and the world.

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