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Naturalistas in China

Naturalistas in China was first created to serve as a virtual hair

community for WOC that have decided to embrace their hair textures and

start their hair journeys and for those that are already on their hair

journeys, this platform gives them the opportunity to connect, inspire

and motivate new naturals. From this concept came up with our tag line

and our mantra: Connect, Inspire and Motivate. So far we have grown

and our mantra has changed to Connect, Inspire, Motivate and Empower (

CIME) that leads and guide us to create content that reflects that.

Our achievements so far:   1. Within our first year of existence on

WeChat we were nominated  and awarded one of the best 10 WeChat

accounts blogs to follow    2. We can boast of being one of the first

to turn a WeChat account into a blog account that provides great

content that resonates well with WOC in terms of beauty and hair care

   3. Creating our official account and making it the only beauty

magazine blog for WOC in China with lots of contents and also involve

our followers to contribute in our content creation     4. Our account

has now grown past hair care and we realized that skin care, self love

and women empowerment was necessary and with the help of some great

contributors and collaborations we periodically have campaigns on

WeChat which allows the general public to participate in.   5. One of

our achievements so far is becoming the first place that comes to mind

when people are looking for hair salons and beauty supplies. Our salon

directory and beauty suppliers database makes it convenient for a lot

of our followers even though we have some few hiccups here and there

we strive to improve on our services   6. We love to empower WOC to

turn their passions into to their dream businesses. We give all the

necessary support through advertisement and also through our new

project #GirlBoss  on our subscription account which gives these women

more exposure.  7. If anyone will remember Naturalistas in China for

one thing it will absolutely be its Christmas Trivia giveaways. This

project provides free exposure to startups by people of color in China

during the season of giving ( Christmas) through fun learning (

riddles, puzzles and general knowledge) in the end these businesses

are rewarded by having the necessary exposure they need.    8. We have

just started our Curls Untamed Squad project which we hope to not only

be known as an online virtual community but also offline real

community where WOC can meet and interact in their various cities to

connect ( network) inspire, motivate and empower each other. Currently

we are in 16 cities namely: Beijing, Changsha, Fuzhou, Hangzhou,

Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hefei, Ningbo, Shenyang, Jinzhou, Haikou,

Zhenjiang, Zhanjiakou, Tianjin. To be honest we keep growing Day in

day out. Grateful to have great people join our team that believe in

this project to keep it moving. Naturalistas in China is not about me

but for all of us.


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