Meet Sandrine Nduwimana – Burundi



I moved to Beijing in 2007 after I was honored with a scholarship to

pursue a Medical degree at the prestigious school of Peking University

Health Sciences Center. To prepare myself for a Chinese taught

program, I learned Chinese for a year and embarked for a 6-year

medical school experience.

However, right at the beginning of my third year, I came to a

realization that I didn’t really want to be a doctor and decided to

make a complete change of career direction.

I applied for a four-year English taught Program in Economics at the

University of International Business and Economics. Following my

degree in Economics, I was honored, yet again, to get in the Master’s

Public Policy Program at Peking University. The following are a

summary of awards and activities I was or still am involved in, on

campus and outside

ii. Activities at UIBE and Africa2.0 China Chapter

In honor of my outstanding scholastic achievement and performance, I

was awarded with a certificate of recognition for the Third place in

both my Freshman and Sophomore year and a certificate for Second prize

for Excellence in Academic Performance in my Junior year.

In addition to activities on Campus, I also got involved with two

organizations, both linking China and Africa in various areas of


The first organization I was involved for a year and a half is the

Sino-Africa Center of Excellence Foundation (SACE Foundation). I

produced and coordinated monthly podcasts. Our work consisted of a

thorough analysis of the government policies and the economic

commitments between China and Africa under FOCAC in order to

understand where the opportunities really lie.

The second Organization is Africa2.0 China Chapter, where I began

serving as the Co-Chapter Head until recently as a board member. The

organization aims to provide a collaborative platform to enhance

solutions and tackle persistent challenges affecting markets in

Africa. This initiative seeks to strengthen the linkages between

African communities in China, Chinese businesses interested in

investing in Africa, relevant international partners, key government

entities, academia, and global networks aiming to promote development

efforts in Africa.

iii. Activities at Peking University and China-Africa Business Council

I began my Master’s Program in September, 2016. Aside from following

academic related work in school, I am doing a part-time internship at

China Africa Business Council serving as a Program Assistant in the

International Department and Social Benefit Program. My work mainly

consists of Communications (in French, English and Chinese) between

our company and African Embassies and other China-Africa related


This past semester, I also joined the Peking University African

Student Association and together with the President and Secretary

General, led the Africa Focus Series and spoke at the Boya African New

Year Forum where we shared the outcomes of the Africa Focus Series

with former Chinese Ambassadors to African countries, Professors,

students, academics and journalists.


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