Meet Ruth Shubila Kikoko – Tanzania


Shubila Ruth has immense passion for youth education. She has
experience in both financial auditing and in the banking industry
before coming to China for her MBA in 2011 and now a candidate for
Ph.D in the field of Strategic and Risk management at Wuhan University
of Technology.  Shubila other experiences in China include;
• 2013 – 2014 she was a vice secretary general for an international
students body at Wuhan University of Technology called ICEA which
stands for International Cultural Exchange Association. The
association is involved in helping a smooth stay for international
students at the university.
• Since 2013 to date Shubila Ruth has been teaching international
marketing at the International Education Department at Wuhan
University of Technology. She is the first African to teach business
courses in her university.
• July to September 2015 she organized a fundraiser called No One
Fights Alone. 1000 wristbands were printed in the same name No one
fights alone for sale. The fundraiser also included several activities
such as a classical concert, an evening of music, and a basketball
competition to help a student in Wuhan fighting against cancer.
• In August 2016 Shubila Ruth published a memoir called Incubated in
China with a purpose to motivate people to strive ahead despite the
mistakes they have done in the past. She was able to tour to five
cities in China (Beijing, Jinan, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Chongqing) in
November 2016 to introduce the book.
• This year in March 2017 Shubila Ruth has started a mentoring company
in Wuhan called Elevare. The main purpose of the company is to build
talent, inspire and ignite passion for greater achievements in life
giving support early on in the student’s life in china. And finally
they can become all that they were made to be with confidence and
having no ceiling in the minds or on their outlook on life in general.
Activities coordinated by Elevare are seminars, networking gatherings,
pairing one –on – one mentorships, book club etc.
• In April 2017 Shubila Ruth was awarded by Changjiang Weekly
newspaper to be a Wuhan Promotion Ambassador in recognition of her
achievement in promoting Wuhan.


  1. Austin

    You were born for the skies sissy!! All the very best! with you and by your side!!

  2. Juliana Japhet

    Am so proud of mysister shubilah…may god be with her always…keep it up….👍.

    1. Shubila Ruth

      Amen! May He be with us all.. thanks for the support

  3. Hussein Mtoro

    Hongera Dada yetu kwa kutuwakilisha vema,nakutakia heri katika shindano hili nasi tutahamasishana kupiga kura kwa wingi

    Hussein Mtoro
    M/kiti wa Wanafunzi Beijing

    1. Shubila Ruth

      Nashukuru sana Mwenyekiti Kwa support ya nguvu.. wasalimie wenzangu wote Beijing.

  4. Esther

    No limitations!!!! peperusha bendera ya TANZANIA dear one.

  5. Shubila Ruth

    Thank you bro Austin.. God is faithful! I smile to see you message and encouraging words 🙏🏿

  6. Ally Bukuku

    I am so excited and so very proud of you. Success has no limitations , keep on climbing higher.

    1. Shubila Ruth

      Kaka Masanyika, so happy to see you here. Thank you for the support 🙏🏿

  7. Lugalabam rweyemam

    Ongera sanaa dada yetu shubby kututwisha kimataifa,tunakuombea maisha marefu uzidi kufanya makubwa.

    1. Shubila Ruth

      Amina Kaka yangu, Mungu atubariki sote tufanikishe ndoto zetu 🙏🏿

    1. Shubila Ruth

      Ooh my! My primary school classmate, thank you so much Husna 🙏🏿

  8. Happy

    Way to go primary school mate..@ Muhimbili..
    Super proud of you!!

  9. Dr chansa mringe

    You are an inspiration to many of us ladies .we proud of you..

  10. Kassim Amid Kassim

    We are going to get there by his Grace my inspirational tool

  11. Hon. Bennito Ngowi

    Wishing u all the best my cis Ruth Shubila, keep it up

  12. Grace Msoffe

    The sky is the limit my dear Shubila. You deserve the best.

  13. Fatuma said yassoda

    You deserve the best my dear Ruth shubila and you make us proud Tanzania

  14. Senais Joseph

    May the Lord guide you as you climb the ladder of success, You are a true pride of Africa, May your light shine upon the future of our motherland. Really proud of you sissy.

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