Meet Prince Awuku – Ghana


My name is Prince Awuku popularly known as Prinstivo

I’m a Ghanaian and living in China Ningbo City to be precise for the

past five years

I’m a businessman , an entrepreneur and a Philanthropist and I’m the

CEO and founder of Motil Foundation which aimed to help the needy and

the underprivileged in the society. For the past three years , I have

given various humanitarian assistance to some needy communities in my

country Ghana and the most recent one was during the just ended Easter

festivity where I’ve provided Clothings and fed hundreds of orphans in

some communities. I have also organized a football matches for the

with a trophy and cash prize . In the coming years, motil foundation

led by me will spreading to other parts of African to help those in

needs . Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Life’s most persistent and

urgent question is ,”What are you doing for other?'”

And we all know that , serving man is serving God. So my principle aim

is to help the needy. So in the near future , we are also going to

establish a special school for ‘gifted’ children where will try to

help them to bring out what they have in them and make their dreams a


On the field of investment, I have also created a forum whereby

potential investors and government officials come together to discuss

business. And the most recent one was when I’ve organized a successful

Ghana@60 independence celebration in Ningbo City and invited

government officials and over one hundred investors.

Other businesses I founded are Motil Enterprise, which deals in import

and export of general goods and The newly one Motil Concept which is

for organizing events, stage designing etc, in Ghana. I have received

many awards for my contribution toward humanitarian assistance . I

have being adjudged the best young entrepreneur at the just Ghana@60

independence celebration event.

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