Meet Noel Ify Alumona – Nigeria


Noel Ify Alumona is a Nigerian young leader who is verypassionate

about sustainable development, especially Access to Quality and

Inclusive Education. Noel studied at the Pontifical Urban University.

He is the Founder of Hope for African Children Initiative (HACI), an

organization that expands and improves comprehensive early childhood

care and education, especially for the most vulnerable and

disadvantaged children. HACI harnesses resources towards bridging the

enrollment gap into schools between vulnerable out-of-school children

and children in school. It provides educational materials,

scholarships, healthcare and other psycho-social support programs for

the children, with a special focus on ensuring girls’ full and equal

access to and achievement in basic education of good quality.

He is also the Founder of Youths for Change (Y4C), a volunteer

organization founded in 2015 to drive home the cause of sustainability

and peace building. The organization is a global youth-driven network

strengthening sustainable movements for peace, global justice and

battling terrorism in Nigeria. It connects and involves many young

people, to sensitize and inspire them on the need to become

ambassadors of peace. The goal is to create a platform where young

people could have the opportunity and skills to contribute to a world

where peace and respect for human rights are upheld, and to bring the

voices of young people to policy makers on a regional and global level.

He is also visioning to create a wide network of youth activists

across Nigeria, with an idea to bring Nigerian Youths under one

umbrella through social activism, volunteerism, social media and

citizen journalism.

Noel is a Global Citizen, a writer and has led a good number of groups

and social impact organizations. He has participated in the Global

Youth Forum on Security and Violence Extremism (21-22 August, 2016,

Jordan) and the Global Youth Summit against Violence Extremism (28

September, 2016, New York). He has a Certificate of Completion of

Social Entrepreneurship Summer Program from University of Connecticut,

USA. He was a 2015 Delegate Speaker at One Young World Summit in

Bangkok, and a Volunteer with Amnesty International, and AidSchool

Nigeria. He has been recognized and nominated for national and

international awards, with the 2016 African Youth Award as the most


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