Meet Michael Marone – Senegal


A financial planner. I’ve been living in

China for over six and half years. I have been working in the

financial services industry for 3 years. Initially I came in shanghai

for a master degree in International Finance from Shanghai University

of Finance and Economics, but my background has been in banking,

insurance, accounting and corporate finance.

I devote myself to helping the black community here in china with

regards to their overall finances. Future financial planning is, most

of the time, being overlooked by expats living in china especially by

the African community. The reason being the lack of information, no

access to savings or investment products designed for internationals

professionals and most of the time a traditional  reluctance in long

term savings.

Since last year, through an organization I’m involved in,  I have been

talking on the matter and raising awareness on the importance of

saving for one’s own future or for their family. I specifically

educate on retirement planning, children’s future education fees

planning, lump sum investments, life insurance and critical illness


In the last couple of months I have helped a couple of professionals

from our black community to plan for their future and organize their

finances. Giving them access to a lot of benefits that they wouldn’t

necessarily get when investing in their home countries.

This makes me proud and my goal is to educate more on finance and help

much more people achieve their financial goals in  the most tax

efficient way possible. I believe that Africans have their say in

today’s global world  and we should be involved in international

investments as well. My dream is to build a solid financial industry

in Africa helping in wealth management and international portfolio

management by providing unique solutions.

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