Meet J Lufungulo – One Drop Band-ZAMBIA


Johnson Lufungulo has been a pioneer of reggae and afro music in

China. Founder of the most watched reggae band in Beijing that has

always been carrying out the day on Bob Marley days in Beijing since

2012.He is the lead vocalist and guitarist. He has appeared in

different venues for some sweet reggae music and has brought it closer

to people who are far from home here in the entire China. He has

performed for international functions like Africa- China heads of

state meeting in 2006 including different embassy functions like

national days.


  1. Kaluwe Moonde

    He has natural born talent. I was able to see it as early as Secondary School.

  2. Lubinda Mulikelela

    He is truly brilliant, I agree with Kaluwe’s comment. He’s musical creativity and passion are boundless, he has love music for the longest time. He now lives and breaths it by sharing it through he amazing performances.

    Jah Bless Idrin!

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