Meet Getrude T Jaricha – Zimbabwe


My name is Gertrude (Trudy) Jaricha. I’m a proud African with a

bachelor’s degree in Social Science with honours in industrial

psychology. It’s great honour to have been nominated for this award.

Having moved to china over a year ago, I was quickly aware of the

challenges that African teachers face on a daily basis. During job

interviews questions asked were not based on qualifications, rather

the focus was on my background and skin colour. After being viewed in

such a negative way, it became very clear to me I had to play my part

in raising awareness for Africa and African teachers. I vowed to

myself that I would be an example, so others could recognize me for my

skills, teaching talents and intelligence.

As I worked tirelessly doing winter English and summer camps. I was

afforded the opportunity to showcase African culture. I shared my

African traditions, delicious foods, and tourist attractions of many

African countries to Chinese children.  It was amazing to discover;

how little people knew about Africa. The real Africa is not just

animals and poor people. The real Africa is rich and encompasses

wealth, love and above all hope.

As an educator, I believe that one needs to do their very best. It is

also my sacred human responsibility to teach children and the world

how to be resilient.

Being an English teacher isn’t easy, but being an African educator is

much more difficult. Working in a blond hair, blue eyed dominated

industry has been brutally challenging; but hard work, persistence,

integrity and a positive outlook are what I believe to be the golden

keys for success.

Being turned away and rejected so many times simply because of where

I’m from prompted me to work harder and dig deeper. There was a lesson

to learn and a blessing to gain.

Within a year I started off teaching as a substitute at Fangncaodi

International School and later became the full time remedial

specialist and curriculum development consultant. I received much

needed training and exposure and I learned the importance of

inter-cultural awareness. My supervisor and teaching coach was very

hard on me; he explained the importance of what it meant to be a great

teacher and a diamond. Diamonds are like teachers they are not made

over night. It takes time, pressure and harsh weather to produce such

a precious and valuable stone.

I have discussed this issue on various platforms including magazines

and cultural days talking about the challenges and misconception

African Teachers face daily. It is my sincere wish to shift the

mindset of the unknown.

  Working at schools such as Elite Training School, Grey stone

international, Ritan Primary School as the first African has given

opportunity to do what I’m passionate about and that is drama, music

and teaching my students African culture.

One initiative I’m most proud to introduce are free African cultural

awareness classes, I carry out to different schools on weekends.

Although, most parents are apprehensive when they discover I’m not

teaching about Africa through the lenses of Europe, but teaching

through African perspective.

Not only is it an honour to be nominated for this prestigious award,

it is also an honour to represent, and further enhance inter-cultural

understanding and co-operation, between China and the broader African

community through my chosen profession of teaching.

I believe we must stand by our true identity, not have to lie about

where we from…be proud of who we are, have faith in our God and

raise awareness of what are the true qualities of an outstanding



  1. Derio

    I personally am so proud of you Gertrude , you will have many of our vote , plz keep on with same spirit .

  2. Martha Muhwati

    I am so proud of you Gertrude not only as your aunt but most importantly as a fellow African

  3. rutendo muchiwanga

    So so happy for you Gerty, i cast my vote for you! Keep raising our flag high, making us proud!

  4. Tendai "Sokostina" Garwe

    this my bff i am so proud of and you deserve to win

  5. Pastor Faith Mabhaudi Nyarambi

    Well done Gerty, you are the epitomy of courage, purpose, mission and passion assembled together! So very proud of you, and praying that you scoop this award! Its yours, you deserve it!

  6. Jane Miao

    I vote for Getrudy T.Jarucha.Keep going Trudy!never give up on the hope.

  7. Tawanda Alfred Dozva

    i vote for Gettrude T Jaricha you deserve it Dark child ….

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