Meet Filmore Wiagbe – Liberia


I am a student of the University of Science and Technology Beijing

doing, reading Telecommunication and Information Systems.

I have been in China since 2010 and all of these years I have been in

the class room as a student, however besides being a student in the

classroom I also was involved in activities with African students here

in China most especially with the Liberian student community here in


Liberian Student Community 2011-2013

With the Liberian students here in China I have been at the front for

championing Unity away from home. With said passion I became the

Secretary General for the Liberian students Union in Beijing an

Auxiliary body of the Liberian Student Union in China. During that

time I worked along with my colleagues raising awareness amongst

Liberian students that a union existed to cater to the needs of those

(Liberian students) in Beijing. Was involved in reaching out to

students from other countries as well as trying to form union between

other student organizations here in Beijing


we also were working alongside couple of our colleagues from the

Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast to form the Man River Union

Students Association (Mano River is the river that forms border

between originally Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea of recent Ivory

Coast was added). Setting up this student group, our goal was to

provide knowledge about the Mano River Union, to foster unity amongst

students from these Mano River countries.


Based on my work with students for the Liberian Community I was

elected Coordinator of the Liberian students in Beijing from

2014-2015. During my tenure there we receive students from home at

that time at that same time Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone were all

hit with the deadly Ebola. As a way to contribute to helping the

people back home. We started an initiative to provide PPEs and other

assorted items to victims of the deadly disease. Along with some

colleagues we manage to send these items home that were onwards

distributed by Liberian Association of Chinese Scholars.


Having completed I returned home to contribute to rebuilding and

putting together what was left after the country was pronounced Ebola

free by WHO (World Health Organization). While at home.

I returned to China 2016 to further my education. Few months in China,

I was honored to be part of Africans to talk about their country to

group of teenage Chinese and foreign students at the Tsinghua

International School. It was an honor.

With the above mentioned I believe I am suitable for the award and I

believe my professional colleague that nominated me have seen my

passion in raising the Africanization (from the word Africa) awareness

here in China. It is my hope and prayer that even if I do not win this

award it will not stop me from reaching out to other Africans, Chinese

and others, fostering unity amongst students here because “in union

strong success is sure”.


  1. Roseline kanlar Tomah

    I Roseline K Tomah norminate Filmore Wiagbe outstanding African student in China.

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