Meet Felix Yoofi Anyinsah – Ghana


My name if Felix Yoofi Anyinsah, popularly known as “Yoofi Greene”. I

am based in Guangzhou,

China a student of South China University of Technology and I am A DANCER.

So as being recognized by the Appreciate Africa Network as a nominee

for the Pride of Africa

Outstanding Achievement in Arts and Culture by Liberty, I would want

to list my reasons why I

deserve it and activities I have been doing so far.

First of all, I am the “Origin of Afrobeats” in China. Afrobeats is

the Afrobeat is a music style

which developed in the 1970s out of a combination of West African

musical styles, but

recently has been spread across all other countries in Africa which is

now a collective

DANCE NAME FOR AFRICAN MUSIC. Thus, through tiresome work and

determination, I began to promote and create an awareness of Afrobeats Music

through dance.

My Activities Held

• I Started the FIRST EVER AFRODANCE CLASS IN CHINA, which was started

in Guangzhou, July 19, 2016. This class is still going every week and the

responses are outstanding with an average number of 23 people a class.

• On the 15th of September, I was invited to have the FIRST EVER AFRODANCE

WORKSHOP IN SHANGHAI. It was under an event called Bachata Memucho

which was a Bachata / Salsa Conference. I had a two-day workshop from 16th to

17th. I also held Animations at the Parties with the crowd.

• Had a Public dance show in Shanghai at the Peoples Park where it attracted a

large crowd to the scene and introduced the dance (Afrobeats) to them.

• I was also invited to a Colombian Independence Party in Guangzhou

where I was

given an opportunity to Perform during the presence of distinguished

Artists and

famous dancers around the word consisting of; The world Best Male Kizomba

Dancer, 8 times World Champions of Salsa (couple) and World Champions of

Salsa (Group). This opportunity helped spread Afrobeats across China.

• Was called upon to lead a group of dancers from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to

make an Afrodance performance at a Music Festival on an Island in Zhuhai.

• Performance in Chongqing, China on an international Cultural Festival.

• Made my Project called “AFROBEATS PROJECT CHINA”. This project was an

idea I got one day whereby I decided to search for potential dancers who know

Afrobeats and don’t have the courage to show it by learning my choreography

and make and send the video to me to compile them into one video. IT WAS

NOT EASY but God being good it was successful.

• I also started teaching kids Afrobeats under an organization called

“Diary Kids”.

This opportunity is my drive to keep pushing Afrobeats.

• Expanded my Afrobeats Classes, where I teach in 2 different studios in

Guangzhou; “Maggie’s Studio” and “Union Dance Studio”.

• Personal Videos which I post around on all my social media platforms. Making

Dance videos everywhere I go; Shanghai, Guilin, Yangshuo, Chongqing,

Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou.


  1. Shiime Mongata

    Respect my son . I thought you well. Keep pushing we proud of you . Eeiii Apsu

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