Meet Christi Roy- Congo Brazzaville


My name is Christi Roy 罗伊 , I’m student , Congolese from Brazzaville ,

in China for almost 3 years .

I learned Chinese for a year and started for a 4 year engineering

school experience

Known online as 123 or Mckooy , just pseudo or nicknames .

I worked on 3 big projects and still working on some , one of them was

to create a platform online for blacks , Africans to make and create a

difference on and off line : a positive image .

Trying to bring as much people together  as we could cause I wasn’t

alone , trying  to help people .

In order to educate each other , encourage and motivate as well .

To build a community

Sharing ideas , Tips , Guidance , to discipline  ourselves  mentally

, physically  , emotionally and financially when possible  .

As Kwame Ture said The job if the conscious is to make the unconscious

conscious : subconsciously or consciously .

And of course , Power of the mind changes the Foundation of reality ,

in order to lead a people you must become the people first .

That’s one of the beautiful things about the mind , it tends to bring

into being what it imagines , what it visualises .

A speaker of truth has no friends .

I like that conversation where I’m not trying to impress anyone ,

we’re simply trying to get to know the World .

Very few are aware of situations of blacks or Africans in the World or

anywhere else not just in China or India .

What are your productivity hacks ?

I’m not a silence kinda person . . .

I write or read to ease my mind then I work on something else in the same time

In the beginning , I was just writing  or giving  comments or talking

with people online sometimes via wechat or Facebook .

After an introspection , I saw an opportunity to improve my skills in

leadership , coaching or my abilities to tell or write stories in

French and in English .

Now I’m a blogger or close to , people like to read what I write or share .

I criticize most often about the news or a situation  or an issue  or

I will just give my opinion or a perspective sometimes  while

remaining skeptical , critical and neutral at times

Even if I’m  a mentor , a motivator , a Problack and Pan-African  .

Some were asking or still ask me why I’m so sure of me or about what I

was doing and so confident , I always say because some rely on me ,

even if it’s  small : I can’t give up .

I do it alone but it’s not only about me anymore .

It’s for the Love of my People , my brothers and sisters : Brotherhood

and sisterhood .


  1. Promesse

    Je vote pour toi mon grand tu es la fierté du pays je te soutien!!!!

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