Meet B Black – Cameroon


B-Black Shopping, B-Black or  simply BB is my humble self and yes

that’s my very image you are seeing. I am a Cameroonian living and

working here in China since 2010. Determination , humility

,consistency and resilience are  my motto and have propelled me to a

strong presence as an emerging entrepreneur in China ! China is a gold

mine for those who are ready and willing to  grab it through

sincerity and hard work .  I started my enterprise 2 years ago  from

something smaller than a mustard seed .Within this time frame with the

drives aforementioned,  l have signed contracts  with over 40 Chinese

factories, Opened a Taobao and Wechat stores, employed 4 workers, got

involved in over 1000 wechat groups and an increasing supply demand

from more than  100 clients daily .Nothing good comes easy they say my

friends . I’ve worked my butt off to get this far:- Long hours put in

,personal sacrifices, big risks and even withered bigger pressures for

the past two years. Challenges are inevitable But one thing l know for

sure is , tough times never  last and  tougher people prevail . I am

very proud of my achievements so far and for those who started this

journey with me can testify to hard work. Vote for me as your

outstanding entrepreneur and you will witness the graceful  presence

of B-Black Shopping with an inspiring story of my hard  work to help

you startup your own  trade here  in the award night.

                            Me , myself and l



  1. Ghislain

    I’m very proud for B Black , not because she my Cameroonian sister but by high work she doing

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